Sound Pilot

Sound Pilot 3.2

Add the typewriter sound to your computer keyboard

Sound Pilot is a program that makes typing process more interesting, as it will add a different sound to each keyboard key - no boring keypresses anymore. All that you need to do is choose a sound scheme from the program icon's menu, and you will discover all keyboard keys to have sounds corresponding to that scheme. Sound Pilot includes four different sound schemes, which are: typewriter, Icq, pseudo-Morse and Morse codes. The program will help you to get many other schemes, as it provides the option to download new schemes from its home page. The site will show each scheme's name, description and author, and all these additional sound schemes are free - after downloading, they are automatically added to the program after you restart it.
One of the main features of this program is the option to modify active schemes: it will allow you to specify a keyboard key and the sound played upon each keypress in any scheme - showing you all sounds included in a scheme and the recommended key grouping. You can specify keys and related sounds by yourself, thus modifying any existing scheme or creating a new one. The program has other options such as adding, editing and deleting schemes.

Marian Zaky
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  • Allows downloading new schemes from the developer's site


  • Very austere interface
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